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Windows 11 offers full control of RGB lighting effects

Anderson Brito

ByAnderson Brito

Feb 11, 2023

Microsoft appears to be taking RGB lighting to the next level with the Windows 11 operating system. Users will be able to control the lighting effects of connected peripherals directly from the Windows 11 Settings app. This feature will allow users to customize their lighting. This means that separate software will no longer need to be installed for each hardware manufacturer, making setup simpler. The new build of Windows 11 has been released to Insiders in the Dev Channel and brings some of the RGB lighting capabilities. If you have the technical knowledge to find them, you can have total control over the settings.

Though Microsoft has yet to officially confirm this feature, the Insider community has already discovered it. If RGB lighting is included in the final version of Windows 11, this would be extremely beneficial. Users who are looking for a complete RGB lighting solution.

The amount of advanced features that Windows 11 offers is impressive. Making this possible to accurately set lighting settings. For example, users can choose between different color temperatures such as warm white, natural white, or cool white. They can also adjust the light intensity, as well as choose between different lighting effects.

Another advanced feature that Windows 11 offers is the ability to control lighting remotely. Since the RGB lighting is connected directly to the computer, users can use mobile apps. Such devices can be used to adjust the lighting settings from anywhere. This can be useful for users who want to change the lighting ambiance. This can also be used to save energy. Users can adjust the light intensity to save energy when they are not present.

If Microsoft officially confirms the RGB lighting feature in Windows 11, this can have a significant impact on the world of RGB lighting. This will make it possible to more easily and intuitively control the lighting settings, saving time and effort for the users. Furthermore, the ability to control the lighting remotely can also be useful for those who want to change the lighting ambiance in their home or office. With Windows 11, Microsoft is offering users more lighting and control options, allowing them to create the ideal environment for each application.

Anderson Brito

By Anderson Brito

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