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AMD almost increased its global share of processors by a third

Karoline Amanajás

ByKaroline Amanajás

Feb 11, 2023

AMD is expanding in the tech industry and taking space in the fight with Intel, reaching almost one third of the x86 processor market by the end of 2022. But, even with the growth, sales of all processors dropped during the last period, Intel being the one that lost the most money.

This year has been difficult for everyone, with the global economy down and people and businesses cutting their purchases to face inflation and uncertainty. This scenario was seen in the financial reports, with Intel and AMD having to change their business models to reverse this situation.

AMD is taking advantage of the Intel’s weakness, using its Steam Deck to increase the performance of the integrated Radeon 780M graphics card. The maker of the Ryzen line has been able to increase its presence in the market, but both it and Intel will have to work hard to not lose money in 2023.

Karoline Amanajás

By Karoline Amanajás

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