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Discover the Galaxy Book3 Series

Karoline Amanajás

ByKaroline Amanajás

Feb 12, 2023

Galaxy Unpacked 2023 was the perfect place to discover the new Samsung Galaxy Book3 series. The Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book3 Pro, shown here next to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, feature innovations in design, features and performance to boost users’ productivity and creativity.

The Galaxy Book3 Ultra features a high-resolution 3K Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and a 16:10 screen ratio for a unique viewing experience. An Intel® Core ™ i9 13th Gen processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX ™ 4070 Laptop,1 provide ultra-fast performance for work tasks or entertainment.

The Galaxy Book3 series allows users to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity between Galaxy devices, making daily life easier. The Galaxy Book3 Pro 360, for example, has the S Pen and touch screen capability for a more intuitive computing experience. The Samsung Multi Control provides multi-device control with the Galaxy Book3 series’ keyboard and trackpad. The Second Screen allows users to connect to their Galaxy tablet as an additional monitor.

Users can also transfer files and images between devices with features such as Quick Share. With the Galaxy Book3 series, Samsung brings more options and connections to the Galaxy ecosystem, providing a richer and continuous computing experience.

If you want to experience the Galaxy Book3 series firsthand, visit the Galaxy Experience Space from February 1st to 25th at 111 Powell Street in San Francisco. Stay tuned to the Newsroom for more information on the Galaxy S23 series, the Galaxy Book3 series and Samsung’s latest innovations.

Karoline Amanajás

By Karoline Amanajás

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