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Fundamentals of the Computer System

Anderson Brito

ByAnderson Brito

Feb 14, 2023


The computer system is a crucial piece in modern technology. It is what enables computers and other technologies to run efficiently. In this article, we will discuss the basic principles of the computer system and explain how they relate to the performance of the computer and the user’s ability to carry out tasks.


The physical part of the computer system. This includes all hardware components such as motherboards, processors, memory, video cards, and other essential parts. Hardware also includes external devices such as printers, scanners, hard drives, and storage units.


The program or set of programs that carry out tasks on the computer system. This software includes operating systems, applications, games, and other programs. Software is responsible for allocating and controlling the system’s hardware resources, as well as allowing users to carry out tasks.

File Systems

A set of directories and subdirectories that organize the files on the computer system. These files are stored on storage units such as hard drives and flash drives. File systems usually use a hierarchy to organize the files and make them easier to access.


A group of computers and other devices connected to each other to share information. Networks are used to share files, data, resources, and other information. The most common types of networks include LANs, WANs, and the Internet.


External devices that are connected to the computer to increase its capacity. These devices include printers, scanners, storage units, monitors, keyboards, and mouses. These devices assist in carrying out tasks and allow us to access additional resources.


Essential for the proper functioning of a computer system. Security is applied through security software such as firewalls, antivirus, and other security programs. These programs are used to protect the system against viruses, malware, hackers, and other threats.


In this article, we discussed the main components of the computer system and how they relate to each other. We saw how each component is responsible for a specific part of the computer’s operation and how they can be used to improve performance and the user’s ability to carry out tasks. By understanding the fundamentals of the computer system, you can improve the performance of your computer and make better use of its resources.

Anderson Brito

By Anderson Brito

Software Engineer with Master's Degree who has been working in the IT field for almost three decades. Enthusiast of hardware and concepts related to AI, Internet of Things and Software Architecture.